About Us

Innovation and partnership are central to our approach. We always aim to overcome technical barriers in order to fulfil clients' broadcast objectives and aspirations. We've worked closely with Sony as a 'Trusted Partner' in its product development and of course, clients see Telegenic as an integral and reliable part of their team.

Furthermore, we work really hard to earn and maintain our reputation as a first-class outside broadcaster. Known for pioneering emerging technologies ahead of the curve, we are not afraid to push boundaries in the quest to deliver leading edge broadcasting. Our core principles of reliability, innovation and investment in great people and equipment, enable us to deliver an excellent service.

Our crew is knowledgeable, technically expert and understanding of client needs, offering full support from planning, through to project management and delivery of the finest coverage.

And of course, we have considerable expertise of live to air broadcasting in a number of broadcast genres. If you would like to find out how we could help you with outstanding sports, entertainment, theatre or event coverage, please contact us.

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