Telegenic's in-house camera crew is a dynamic and enthusiastic team of highly skilled camera professionals. We have a young, expert team who bring vigour, vibrancy and verve to outside broadcasts. Indeed, the camera crew are always enthusiastic, despite having to often film in challenging situations.

Because of their breadth of experience, place the crew in any scenario or situation and they will always be totally focused on delivering the best coverage. Clients find our crew reliable and responsive to their needs. The crew's flexible and adaptable approach also makes them very easy to work with.

Senior camera operators always work on high profile events and we will call upon trusted, freelance crew to assist, should a project require it. The crew are creative and flexible and happy to work in a range of formats including 4k, UHD, 3D and HDR

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Pete Bowen
Board Director and Head of Cameras

Steve Hayden
Deputy Head of Cameras