Vision & VT Server


The Vision and VT Server Department is the largest at Telegenic and is highly skilled and motivated. The team ensure that the producer's requirements are met and act as a 'bridge' between the client and operators.

Working with industry leading equipment, Telegenic's vision engineers check the integrity of the pictures, ensuring that they are of the finest quality. They control colours and exposures, review framing and focus details and generally work their 'mixing magic' to ensure that clients are in receipt of an excellent outside broadcast production.

In addition, the department is responsible for the replaying of live productions, with respect to sporting goals and decisions. When recording light entertainment productions, the department records a show for archive or later play out. The team also handle both video and audio. They determine how a video is going to be used and ensure that audio is correct for different environments.

The department works in a tapeless environment, utilising computer hard drives.

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Justin Craven
Head of Vision

Richard Delaney
Deputy Head of Vision

Tom Read
Deputy Head of Vision

Adam James
Head of VT

Tom Cherry
Deputy Head of VT

Peter Smith
Head of R & D