Telegenic is continually striving to revolutionize the live production process hence groundbreaking in delivering new formats to market. First with HD, then 3D and now with 4K. This latest venture, which is set to make 4K live production a reality, heralds a new era for the broadcast market which will, in turn, transform the entertainment experience as we know it. Telegenic has spearheaded the industry’s drive toward higher resolution broadcasts. Our latest groundbreaking super truck T25, will have the necessary infrastructure to support 4K, a next generation format for live cinema events, live music broadcasts, TV sports coverage, drama production and, eventually, domestic TV. With a proven track record in progressing new technology, we are trusted by strategic manufacturers and broadcasters to deliver the future of broadcasting.
Sony and FIFA, produced live coverage of three games at the Mineirão stadium in the south-eastern Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte.
The Confederations Cup football tournament in Brazil provided the biggest test bed thus far for Ultra High Definition (UHD) broadcasting. Although the footage from the 4K trials during the Confederations Cup, wasn’t televised to an external audience, it was a medium to assess the creative and technical aspects of the technology for live sport TV production and workflows.
T25 has being designed to work live in both HD or 4K. Cameras will be Sony HDC-2500Rs for HD and F55 35mm digital film cameras for 4K.





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